Plumbing Engineering

Plumbing and Piping

You shouldn’t have to worry about your project’s plumbing and piping. Gausman & Moore has some of the best plumbing and piping engineers in the business. Our passion is solving your problems so that you don’t even know they were problems.

Our engineers create plumbing and piping systems for a wide variety of building types and applications. The Gausman & Moore approach you will experience has a proven track record and an innate drive to innovate. We work with architects, building owners, design/build contractors, and attorneys/insurers.

Plumbing Engineering Services

Some of the areas in which we work encompass the major plumbing elements of your building, including ensuring potable water remains that way and gets to where it’s needed; we take a close look at your systems to develop the most efficient ways to drain, vent, and process waste; if your project produces acid waste, we can help with that; our greywater management systems are second to none; we engineer superior irrigation systems; and we are well versed in the art of working in high-rise buildings.

Whatever your project’s plumbing needs might be, Gausman & Moore can help.

Piping Engineering Services

Of course, all those complex plumbing systems must course through properly engineered piping networks. Some of the piping projects we work on include fire protection, chilled and hot water, steam, refrigeration, medical gasses, compressed air, and industrial processes, among others.

We are a full-service mechanical and electrical engineering firm with over 80 years of experience. Our company was founded on three principles that still guide us today: exceptional customer service, intelligent engineering, and the right expertise. Call us today and learn how Gausman & Moore can help bring your project to a new level.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.