Target Corporation
Over 1,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada

Target Corporation

Heat and Power for the Target Brand

Target has achieved iconic status by a commitment to branding that permeates every aspect of guest interaction. Facilities engineering and design is no exception.

Gausman & Moore understands. To Target, mechanical and electrical systems are not something hidden behind walls and ceiling tiles. These systems have tangible effects on each guest’s in-store experience, and therefore are integral to the Target brand.

G&M keeps pace with Target’s aggressive expansion plans. Since 1996, Target has chosen G&M to design mechanical, electrical, fire protection, refrigeration, and alarm systems for over 1,000 projects. G&M helps optimize the Target brand experience while pursuing energy efficiency and cost-savings benefits as well – whether the project is new construction, store expansion, or the retrofit of a historic building.

G&M understands that Target guests’ changing needs require constant adjustments to promotional and merchandising strategies, which impacts store-level systems. This month’s building requirements may be very different than last month’s, and G&M adapts accordingly.

“Just as Target is constantly assessing consumer needs, we constantly assess our clients’ needs,” said Ed Studniski, President, G&M. The dedicated Target team at G&M meets weekly to ensure that everyone is up to speed and on pace to deliver. “Our team is agile. We don’t accept that changes in requirements should divert us from delivering for Target – on time and on budget.”

Retail strategy is dynamic. Deadlines are not.

Exceptional client service is why, from among thousands of Target business partners and vendors, G&M is the first consulting firm to receive the prestigious Target Partner Award of Excellence.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.