Gander Mountain Retail Stores
Multiple retail sites across the U.S.

Gander Mountain Retail Stores

An In-Store Experience that Lures Outdoors Enthusiasts

Gausman & Moore understands that Gander Mountain customers are passionate about natural surroundings and wide-open spaces, which is vital when designing in-store experiences that lure them in.

With a “We Live Outdoors®” culture, Gander Mountain dedicates itself to creating outdoor memories through the nation’s largest retail network of stores for hunting, fishing, camping, and boating. One hundred and fifteen Gander Mountain outdoor lifestyle stores provide approximately 6.6 million square feet of retail space in 24 states.

Fresh air and proper lighting create habitats that attract adventurous souls, welcomed by Gander employees who share enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

In addition to sustaining the desired core experience, G&M designed mechanical and electrical systems safely integrate a live fire range and multimedia simulators into established stores, helping launch Gander Mountain Academy™ the first indoor civilian training facility of its kind. Gander Mountain customers can bring firearms and live ammunition into select stores for active engagement in skills and safety training.

If scouting for an engineering firm that recognizes the impact of customer experience on retail results, look no further than G&M.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.