National Guard Armory Renovation
Chisholm, MN

National Guard Armory Renovation

Giving New Life to Aging Facility

Built in 1957, the Minnesota National Guard Armory building in Chisholm, MN was in serious need of renovations and building code upgrades. Gausman & Moore provided commissioning services for the single-story facility to achieve the desired goal of providing an energy efficient and code compliant facility.

Also important was ensuring that the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment and systems were correctly designed and are easy to operate and maintain. A primary objective was meeting the Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3) and Minnesota Sustainable Building 2030 requirements.

Systems that were commissioned included the following:

  • HVAC Systems: Boilers, air handling units, ventilation fans, ductwork, air terminal units
  • Building Automation Systems: Temperature/humidity sensors, pressure sensors and controllers, airflow stations
  • Plumbing & Fire Protection Systems: Plumbing equipment, plumbing piping systems
  • Electrical Systems: Lighting control/daylighting systems, emergency power systems, fire/life safety systems, security systems, communications systems

Through the design, construction and commissioning processes, the building was upgraded to meet current building, life safety and accessibility codes and standards. Any functional deficiencies that were found in the building and at the site were also addressed through the commissioning process.

As a result, the building’s lifespan was increased, aesthetics and functionality was improved, and more energy efficient building systems were provided. The project also met the B3 and SB2030 requirements.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.