U.S. Army Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities
Ft. Riley, KS

U.S. Army Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities

Driving Efficiency

With Gausman & Moore on the design/build crew, the large Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) at Ft. Riley, KS achieved LEED Silver certification. Adopting technologies to reduce energy use and natural resource consumption is a strategic priority for the U.S. Armed Forces. That directive prompted a fresh look at TEMF design and construction.

The Ft. Riley TEMF is built to receive, handle, service and repair large military machinery – from Humvees to light tanks. However, many of these functional requirements have the potential to interfere with the building’s mechanical and electrical systems, and vice versa.

G&M collaborated with architects, contractors, and the Army Corps of Engineers, to ensure that all systems work together and integrate in a way that meets goals for energy and natural resource conservation.

This TEMF includes a 10-ton crane for suspending and transporting equipment freely across the entire facility.

Using advanced 3D modeling, G&M conducted clash detection scenarios to assure that the HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems will be accessible and operate efficiently, while not interfering with the crane.

Huge doors (40 feet by 20 feet) accommodate the entrance and exit of large machinery. Per specification, G&M employed air infiltration and envelope testing to ensure the doors seal tightly, an element essential to helping achieve LEED Silver certification.

G&M designed many elements that contribute to efficient use of resources, and occupant comfort, including high-efficiency boilers, in-floor radiant heat, air-to-air heat recovery in work bays, high efficiency lighting and controls, and energy recovery systems for administrative areas.

G&M also designed two medium TEMFs. Each facility is 35,920 GSF. The designs were drawn using BIM software and complied with EPAct 2005 and LEED Silver energy performance standards. Low voltage systems were designed including security systems with cameras, door alarms and motion sensors, audio, video and data communication systems, a mass notification system, and fire alarm. Lighting design included daylighting controls. A building grounding system was designed.

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