U.S. Army Wilderness Road Brigade Battalion Headquarters
Ft. Carson, CO

U.S. Army Wilderness Road Brigade Battalion Headquarters

Keeping Things Moving at HQ

Gausman & Moore has a proud record of service to the U.S. Armed Forces, having helped design and build scores of military facilities across the country. Each facility presents unique challenges, based on intended use, environmental conditions and security issues.

The military base in Ft. Carson, CO, is home to more than 10,000 troops and civilians serving the country in a broad range of assignments. Within the base, the Wilderness Road Brigade Battalion Headquarters (BBHQ) is a primary hub of activity. Wilderness Road HQ personnel are engaged in everything from daily administration of base operations, to highly classified communications with national security implications.

To support this range of activity, G&M designed the HQ offices, classrooms, and conference rooms to accommodate complex data and communication systems. Multiple levels of security classification enable the free flow of routine activity, while restricting access where necessary and to the appropriate degree.

G&M expertise also led the design of sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) zones within the building to meet Director of Central Intelligence specifications. The entire facility meets Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection standards.

Beyond security issues, the adoption of renewable energy technologies is a strategic priority for the U.S. Armed Forces. Space limitations seemed to jeopardize the request for a photovoltaic array that would supply significant power for the building, until G&M helped devise a unique solution. By suspending the PV array over a retention pond, engineers were able to get dual use from the same land area – exposing sufficient surface area to supply the array, while allowing water to flow unobstructed into and out of the pond.

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