Shultz Steel Company
South Gate, CA

Shultz Steel Company

Fulfilling Ongoing Electrical Engineering Needs

Shultz Steel Company is a steel forging facility that produces products in all major alloys using steel re-melting equipment, forging equipment, and machining equipment. Their product line includes commercial and defense airframe landing gear structures, engine mounts, engine struts, pylons and nacelles, windshield frames, flap and slat tracks, bulkheads, and arresting hooks.

Gausman & Moore has provided electrical engineering services for upgrading and remodeling all of their buildings which includes new medium voltage service and distribution (16.5KV), electrical distribution coordination and arc flash studies, as well as design services for Heat Treat Furnace, Vacuum Arc Re-melting Unit, and Billet Grinder installations.

Gausman & Moore serves as the facility electrical engineer in all respects for Shultz Steel.

  • Developing and maintaining current electrical single line diagrams of all buildings
  • Reviewing electrical proposals from vendors
  • Preventive testing and maintenance schedules for electrical equipment to minimize unexpected interruptions in plant operations
  • Oversight of testing and maintenance performed by independent contractors during shutdowns
  • Addressing electrical issues identified during preventive testing and maintenance
  • Coordination with Southern California Edison
  • One-on-one assistance to facility electricians as needed
  • On-call assistance as needed

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.