Northern MN Service Facility
Buhl, MN

Northern MN Service Facility

Building Addition Enhances Facility Operations

Gausman & Moore is providing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system design engineering services for this building addition to an existing service facility. The building addition includes a mining maintenance bay with welding operations, a construction shop area, and supporting field office areas.

The project also includes a new separate free standing vehicle wash bay facility. The process of designing the mining shop maintenance bay with 40 foot wide by 35 foot tall doors that house a 100-ton overhead bridge crane and welding exhaust capture system involved close coordination with the owner’s preferred vendors.

Vendor coordination was key to designing dual levels of infrared heat in the 75 foot crane bay with override capability, the in-floor heat and ice/snow melt system in the wash bay, the high pressure compressed air system, the wash bay recycling system interface, general HVAC of the office area including heat recovery, makeup and exhaust air for vehicle maintenance bays, oil separation from the drainage collected in the maintenance bays, water softening for the facility and interconnection of domestic water wells on the site.

Documentation of the design and vendor information was assembled in a construction bid package of drawings and specifications.

Gausman & Moore was also involved in creating optional bid items in the contract documents in order for the owner to choose bid items based on feedback of pricing. Alternate compressed air piping materials were identified in the specification as well as phasing plans to build out portions of the project with temporary utility services.

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