West Anaheim Medical Center New Electrical Service & Infrastructure
Anaheim, California

West Anaheim Medical Center New Electrical Service & Infrastructure

Increased Electrical Service Helps Enhance Medical Care

As the hospital expanded its square-footage and services over the last few decades, additional electrical services were added by Anaheim Public Utilities to support the growing needs of the facility.

Upon approaching the maximum demand capacity on the existing four services, Gausman and Moore was tasked with consolidating all electrical services into one, and designing a complete overhaul of the main electrical infrastructure, including proper segregation of the essential emergency systems to comply with today’s codes.

To accurately determine the needs for the 219-bed acute-care hospital, as well as upcoming Cath Lab (also designed by Gausman & Moore) and Angio Lab projects, in-depth field surveys were performed and multiple team meetings were organized to properly plan for project phasing, intricate overhead and underground conduit routing and detailed placement of electrical equipment within the limited, provided real estate.

Step-by-step sequencing plans were developed to assist with the transition from the old service to the new. Gausman & Moore took careful steps in planning and engineering to minimize downtime to hospital departments, and to maintain emergency power when necessary.

Upon completing the infrastructure upgrade project, West Anaheim Medical Center will have double the electrical service capacity and proper segregation of essential emergency equipment allowing the facility to continue expanding now, and into the future.

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