St. Luke's Hospital
Duluth, MN

St. Luke's Hospital

Long Term Health of a Historic Hospital

Gausman & Moore has been assisting the team at St. Luke’s Hospital for over eight years, restoring and reviving aging systems, and ensuring the long-term health of its facilities.

Founded in 1881, St. Luke’s Hospital has grown to become a major provider of healthcare in northeastern Minnesota. What began as a small room above a Duluth blacksmith shop has evolved into an eight-building medical campus. Building and renovation of St. Luke’s Duluth facilities has been a constant process over its 130-year history, keeping pace with medical advancements and the growing community.

G&M is working with the St. Luke’s team to bring multiple facilities of varied ages up to current codes and standards. G&M has designed complete mechanical and electrical systems for the remodeled emergency department, a cardiac catheterization lab, an ambulance garage, the main hospital entrance, and an outpatient laboratory. G&M has also designed an integrated, campus-wide fire safety system.

Most critically, G&M ensures that ongoing upgrades do not impede St. Luke’s capacity to deliver vital health services to the people of Duluth every day.

Continuity among the G&M and St. Luke’s teams streamlines the ability to diagnose and treat building issues as they arise, and it results in responsive designs which meet St. Luke’s needs for advanced data management and medical technology.

G&M designs provide 100 percent backup power for the entire campus. These systems were put to the test in the summer of 2012, when the city was hit with an unprecedented flood. Though the deluge interrupted service and caused hundreds of millions in damage throughout the area, St. Luke’s never lost power, and patients in need never lacked for care.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.