White Bear Lake Library Addition & Remodel
White Bear Lake, Minnesota

White Bear Lake Library Addition & Remodel

Improved Facility Meets Patron Demand

Gausman & Moore provided electrical and mechanical engineering services for the remodel and addition to the White Bear Lake Library. The goal was to integrate new and old portions of the 41-year-old building and integrate mechanical and electrical systems with existing systems to maximize efficiency. Another key goal was complying with the State of Minnesota’s B3 SB2030 guidelines.

The primary concerns that Gausman & Moore worked to improve include the following:

  • Replacing the building’s electrical switchboard and panel boards, which are nearing the end of their expected life.
  • Replacing the electrical water heater with a natural gas heater.
  • Installing Arc Flash labels on electrical power equipment (main switchboard, panel boards) to comply with the Electrical Code.
  • Selecting new rooftop units with energy recovery.
  • Upgrading and adding lights to the parking lot area, which was not adequately lit.
  • Mounting exterior emergency lights to comply with the Electrical Code. The building had no exterior emergency lights, which can help patrons exit the building safely during an emergency.
  • Providing lighting controls, including daylighting controls, per Minnesota B3 guidelines.
  • Replacing plumbing fixtures with low-fl ow fixtures, thus saving more than 50 percent on water use.
  • Retrocommissioning the building to ensure all systems are operating efficiently.

G&M designed a high efficiency lighting system encompassing the remodeled building and new addition. The new lighting system uses high efficiency fluorescent fixtures throughout to provide low energy consumption while still providing light levels appropriate for the library functions and the expected patron needs. Fluorescent fixtures were specified for this project because of budget constraints at a time when LED was still a significant additional cost. LED downlights were specified since they were more cost effective at the time compared to compact fluorescent fixtures.

The exterior lighting was also completely redone with emphasis on controlling light pollution while providing appropriate light levels for the parking areas. The lighting system incorporated automatic occupancy and daylight sensors combined with local overrides that provide a very flexible lighting system.

The White Bear Lake Library project is highlighted with other B3 projects on the Minnesota B3 Case Studies Database.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.