St. Louis County Government Service Center
Duluth, MN

St. Louis County Government Service Center

Renovation for High Performance

The majority of the existing 115,000 square foot Government Services Center needed overall facility and energy improvement upgrades to greatly improve the building’s operational efficiency. In addition to upgrading the envelope and lighting systems, the mechanical systems were at the end of their useful life and needed to be replaced.

The county desired that a complete energy modeling analysis be performed for a variety of mechanical system alternatives. The results were used as a factor to select the most cost effective energy efficient system option which would meet their operational needs while fitting into their operation and maintenance program requirements.

Based on the completed energy modeling analysis using utility rates and construction cost estimates, the final system choice was a water source heat recovery type variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system with dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) installed on each floor providing the required ventilation for the building.

The building is connected to the city’s district heating and cooling distribution which offers the county an efficient way to reject excess cooling or heating when necessary while taking advantage of the highly efficient variable speed compressor technology and the ability to move heating and cooling to different zones of the building according to their needs.

Commissioning services are being provided through all project phases (design, construction, warranty) to bring the building model into alignment with actual building performance.

The grand opening for the building was held in September 2015. The project earned a 2016 Merit Award from AIA Minnesota.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.