City of Santa Clarita Paseo Lighting
Santa Clarita, CA

City of Santa Clarita Paseo Lighting

Letting Energy Efficient Light Shine In

Gausman & Moore collaborated with Visual Terrain to design the replacement of 10 miles of paseo pathway lighting for the City of Santa Clarita. This project is the first of many phases throughout the City to upgrade existing low pressure sodium lighting to energy efficient LED fixtures, while creating a more safe and inviting environment for Santa Clarita residents.

The project included an extensive study comparing the performance of more than 25 of the industry’s leading LED fixtures. Photometric lighting calculations were performed, and comparisons were prepared for the City including, but not limited to, cost, warranty, material quality, rated hours, BUG rating (backlight, uplight, glare), and color temperature. A detailed life cycle cost analysis was then prepared to assist the team with selecting the final fixture.

State-of-the-art controls were implemented via a wireless “mesh network” to connect all of the paseo lights onto a single controllable platform. Individual or groups of fixtures, according to the City’s preference, can be programmed and controlled separately to achieve maximum flexibility.

Lights will be dimmed to a pre-determined set-point during the night to save additional energy, but still maintain adequate lighting levels per the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) recommendations. In addition, motion sensors will be installed at each fixture to raise light levels during dimmed conditions to ensure fixtures operate at full brightness when residents are walking along the pathways at night.

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