City of Santa Clarita City Hall HVAC Analysis
Santa Clarita, CA

City of Santa Clarita City Hall HVAC Analysis

Providing an Ideal Working Environment

Santa Clarita’s City Hall is a three-story facility that was acquired by the City more than 20 years ago. The City required a study to fully assess the building’s HVAC systems. The study focused primarily on the first floor and presented the City with an understanding of existing conditions and deficiencies.

City staff members reported thermal discomfort in the building. The City Council Chambers was experiencing air conditioning system deficiencies. Uncertainties surrounding control of thermal comfort systems were observed throughout the building’s first floor.

A study was conducted and, working closely with Los Angeles Air Balance, an air balance survey. Thermal data was recorded at 16 locations around the first floor for two weeks. This data was analyzed and compared with calculated cooling demands to identify locations with insufficient air supply, improper zoning, and poor control.

An assessment was provided for the existing systems’ suitability to serve current building loads. Recommendations were also offered to correct observed deficiencies.

By observing in situ conditions collected by our data loggers and performing an actual measurement of the air supply, the G&M team enabled the design team to provide definitive, targeted corrective measures, giving the City the best value for their project.

Gausman & Moore recommended two options to address this issue:

  • Completely rebalancing the building to airflows more suited to the actual use of space to improve overall thermal comfort and address problem areas
  • Providing new digital controls and actuators for the VAV terminal units and spaces served, which will improve controllability by relocating zone sensors and possibly reducing service calls related to the pneumatic control system

Corrective measures for the identified deficiencies are still in the design phase.

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