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Multiple sites in the United States (AZ, CA, MN, MD, TX, VA); India, Ireland & The Philippines

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Helping UHG Help People Live Healthier Lives

Gausman & Moore designs help provide healthier workplaces for UnitedHealth Group (UHG) employees.

UHG serves more than 75 million people worldwide through a family of companies that touches nearly every aspect of health care – “Helping people live healthier lives.” Among their areas of expertise, UHG promotes workplace health and wellness programs, knowing that comfortable, well lit, and safe workplaces nurture healthier, happier, more productive employees.

When it comes to their own employees, UHG turns to G&M for systems designed to ensure healthy workplaces.

G&M proposed design criteria for implementation across global UHG offices, setting standards to meet client expectations for indoor air quality, lighting, data systems access, and overall tenant comfort.

Recognizing the importance of a healthy environment to healthy communities, G&M also established criteria for sustainable building practices at UHG facilities, including energy-efficient lighting, variable zone HVAC controls, and other resource conservation measures.

With the benchmarks in hand, G&M has diagnosed over 40 existing UHG office buildings across the globe, assessing each site’s compliance with UHG guidelines, industry standards, and local codes and requirements.

For more than 10 years, G&M has prescribed the mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades necessary to revitalize each UHG facility, meeting appropriate standards and guidelines, while minimizing the disruption to the staff that still utilizes the buildings during reconstruction.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.