Habitat for Humanity
St. Paul, MN

Habitat for Humanity

A New Home for People that Rebuild Homes

Gausman & Moore provided engineering services for this new Habitat for Humanity facility that provides optimum convenience for staff, volunteers, and the people who benefit from the organization’s services.

Previously operating in cramped facilities, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity was having difficulty achieving its mission of transforming the lives of homeowners and volunteers.

The new site is centrally located in the Twin Cities, with expanded parking and easy access to light rail. It accommodates approximately 90 employees and the dozens of volunteers using the building on a weekly basis.

The Gausman & Moore team was involved with installing high efficiency boilers and a fan-powered VAV ventilation system that provides comfort and efficiency. The site also features outdoor decks that are used as training and socializing spaces for staff and volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the achieved goal of attaining LEED Silver certification.

Gausman & Moore provided the following services:

  • Identifying energy efficient HVAC systems options
  • Identifying low flow plumbing fixture options and energy efficient lighting concepts
  • Identifying the potential size of a roof-mounted photovoltaic array
  • Creating an energy model of the building
  • Coordinating MEP design elements with other building elements and characteristics
  • Researching building codes affecting the building
  • Commissioning the facility’s systems to optimize operations
  • Selecting sustainable mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design options to help achieve LEED Silver certification

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.