Aerospace Corporation
El Segundo, CA

Aerospace Corporation

Pushing the Envelope

Since 1986, Gausman & Moore has provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the 13-building Aerospace corporate headquarters campus and five off-campus buildings in El Segundo, California, as well as Aerospace facilities at Vandeberg Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral.

In 2013, Gausman & Moore surveyed approximately 215,000 square feet of office spaces, laboratories, cafeteria, kitchen, conference rooms, work rooms and support areas in Building D8 to verify locations of all existing light fixtures, lamp types, lamp quantities and lighting control systems.

An energy conservation study was developed and presented to the client, which included new light fixture options, lamp options, construction cost estimates, available utility rebates and a payback analysis for the various light fixtures and lamp alternatives.

Construction documents were developed for the building to install new light fixtures and implement energy saving methods including occupancy sensors and a new lighting control system.

The Aerospace Corporation is a federally funded research and development center and the leading architect of the country’s national security space program. Their sole output is expertise, produced by hundreds of the world’s leading space systems scientists and technicians.

At Aerospace, daily research and development activities span all facets of space systems, demanding state-of-the-art laboratory, engineering, and testing facilities. These facilities often require a high degree of reliability and continuity of electrical systems (using uninterruptible power supplies and backup electrical generators) in addition to precise environmental controls. They continually push the envelope, creating unique challenges for their mechanical and electrical systems. That’s why Aerospace relies on the responsiveness and expertise of G&M.

G&M also executes more routine projects for Aerospace, such as lighting retrofit assessments, and efficient designs for low- to moderate-security commercial office space.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.