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Waconia Ice Arena
Waconia, MN

Waconia Ice Arena

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Gausman & Moore designs are helping the Waconia Hockey Association (WHA) promote youth hockey and strengthen community ties.

While the WHA has a longstanding hockey tradition, until recently they didn’t have an arena to call their own. G&M worked with city officials to help them understand the unique processes and systems involved in erecting their first ice arena, especially considering the extremes of Minnesota winters and summers. G&M knows how to ensure year-round competition-ready ice, while providing comfortable environments for players, spectators and arena staff.

Fundraising events and community support were critical to financing a new arena, which often required budgeting and facility planning to advance simultaneously. The experienced G&M team anticipated potential budget shifts, providing clearly defined contingency plans.

Surrounding the 200-foot by 85-foot rink, G&M designed effective facility-wide temperature and humidity controls, including comfortable seating areas for 650 spectators, locker rooms, meeting rooms, and concession areas. G&M even considered requirements for docking and recharging the electric Zamboni® resurfacer.

The humidity control system uses heated refrigerant from the ice-making systems to help power low-temperature desiccant dehumidification units. The energy effi cient system controls moisture migration, maintaining proper balance and comfort inside the facility.

In addition to supporting youth and family recreation, the Waconia Ice Arena attracts participants and tournaments from surrounding communities that support Waconia businesses.

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