Athletic Facilities

Greater Santa Barbara Ice Skating Association
Goleta, CA

Goleta Ice Arena

Ice In Paradise

The Goleta Ice Arena (Ice in Paradise) is touted as the only ice skating facility between Oxnard and San Jose in coastal California. The arena is the end goal of local non-profit organization that sought to build a community arena for all ages to enjoy and represents the culmination of years of hard work.

The project features an NHL sized rink and a smaller studio rink to serve a diverse set of users. The large and small rinks have separate locker rooms, each with unique features to serve teams of hockey players and individual figure skaters. A 6,300+ square foot mezzanine provides an excellent view of all of the action. Concessions, rentals, staff spaces, and two large public restroom groups were all included.

Sustainability and low first cost were two primary goals of a design that recreates the best part of a northern winter in southern California. The rinks are served by custom dehumidification units that recover energy from the building while varying the ventilation air based on the building’s need.

Other spaces received mechanical equipment that incorporate emerging technologies into tried-and-true systems to keep both energy usage and building complexity low.

The resurfacer is filled with hot water generated by one of the most efficient water heaters on the market.

Inboard/Outboard switched lighting was provided as a cost effective solution to provide multiple lighting levels for different functions in the ice arena. All light fixtures in offices, locker rooms, and other rooms were controlled via occupancy sensors during regular business hours. All lights were placed on a time clock to keep lights from being left on after hours. The building was designed to exceed Title 24 – California’s strict energy code.

Special coordination was made with the utility to place the utility transformer offset from the building, with an exterior main switch due to site restrictions and building space limitations.

Exceptional client service, intelligent engineering.