Duluth Office

Duluth Office

Location: 501 Lake Avenue South, Office Suite 210, Duluth, MN 55802

Established in 1989, our six-person Duluth branch office is driven by small-town values. Gausman & Moore always strives to maintain good relationships with our clients, contractors, and competitors. However, in this case, they are also our neighbors. We know we will see them at the grocery store, our children’s events, and community gatherings. And we will work with them again and again.

The Duluth office staff represents Gausman & Moore in the community and they put forth the best effort to give back to the community that supports them. That support is also evident within the small office, as mentoring is an ongoing process and close collaboration is strongly encouraged. We are privileged to live and work in a place with tremendous natural beauty, vibrant intellectual and cultural activities, a celebrated history, and an invigorating future.

Long-term relationships with our clients are a staple of Gausman & Moore and this is apparent in the Duluth office. We have worked continuously on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus for more than 15 years. Positive, ongoing working relationships have also been established with the City of Duluth, St. Louis County, and St. Luke’s Hospital.

Throughout the Duluth office’s history we have worked on a diverse array of project types. This includes working directly for building or factory owners, property managers, architects, and contractors. Projects in the community and region have been both large ($70 million Maurices Headquarters) and small (MN DNR shower building).

Our project work has been primarily in the government, commercial, medical, institutional, and industrial sectors. Regardless of the project sector or size, we see all projects through to completion. No issue is left unresolved.

Duluth Area Amenities

The Duluth, Minnesota area is a top vacation spot in the Midwest, with good reason. Set amid the rocky, rugged hills of Minnesota's Arrowhead and nestled up to the shores of Lake Superior, Duluth is an outdoorsperson's dreamland. Just steps from our offices you'll find hiking, jogging, and biking trails that lead into the forest and along Lake Superior. Skiing, sailing, and surfing (yes, you read that right) are other popular activities.

The natural environment is truly breathtaking. One one side, you have the steep hills that caused some people to call Duluth the "San Francisco of the North." On the other side, Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake, stretches past the horizon. Hilltops are covered in pine, birch, and ash trees that provide a green canopy in the summer, bursts of color in the fall, and open vistas in the winter.

Being surrounded by nature doesn't mean that you're isolated in Duluth. The city proper is a bustling city full of colleges, great restaurants, and an admirable park system. Nearly 300,000 people call the Duluth metro area home, making it the largest urban area on Lake Superior.

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