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Greywater Systems in Commercial Buildings

Recycling safe greywater throughout your commercial building can not only save money, but can help create an eco-friendly environment for your building's inhabitants. 

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Thomas Bartczak – Employee of the Month for January 2019

Thomas Bartczak (Mechanical Engineering, Los Angeles Office) was recognized as Gausman & Moore’s January 2019 Employee of the Month.

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Building Your Professional Engineering Network

It turns out the saying, "It is all about who you know" is very true. Nearly 85% of all open positions are filled by networking. A professional network is a support system of colleagues and friends you have interacted with and worked with over the years. The network can include college classmates or simply people you met for lunch at a nearby office.

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Anthony Gomez – Employee of the Month for December 2018

Anthony Gomez (Mechanical Engineering, Los Angeles Office) was recognized as Gausman & Moore’s December 2018 Employee of the Month.

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The Role of Mechanical Engineers in Sustainable Design

Mechanical engineers can wear many hats and can have their talent and skills directed to several aspects of a building project. Looking at the bigger picture, there are many areas in sustainable design where mechanical engineers play a larger role. Below, let's take a look at three key areas where mechanical engineers are pivotal to creating a sustainable building design.

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An In-Depth Look at Mechanical Engineering

Easily one of the broadest and most diverse engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering explores the path a product takes from the conceptual design, to the manufacturing, and finally to the marketplace. This can be anything from the tiniest mechanism to a large aerospace system. The classes required in school are diverse, and the applications in the career field are endless. Luckily, this means the outlook for mechanical engineers is bright given their ability to adapt and the overall value they can add to several market segments.

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Principles of Sustainable Design: Indoor Thermal Comfort

Energy efficiency in buildings is almost always a top priority for building owners and contractors alike. However, it is not fully effective when occupants are uncomfortable with the indoor environment. If an occupant is too warm or too cold in a space, he or she will take alternative routes of heating or cooling their area, such as with space heaters, fans, or window-mounted air conditioners. And those could be substantially worse for the building’s efficiency than typical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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Transitioning to BIM

When I started my position at Gausman & Moore (G&M) as a professional drafter, I immediately submerged into the deep storm of BIM (Building Information Modeling). Some Architects and owners still use 2D AutoCad, while most are adopting 3D software such as Revit, Microstation or Plant 3D. Some befuddlement exists on the product we deliver as an MEP firm. At the end of the day all we deliver is signed construction documents right? Wrong!

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Two-Pipe Systems vs. Four-Pipe Systems

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems provide building heating and cooling, and more modern-day HVAC systems are starting to use hydronic piping to provide newly constructed buildings’ heating and cooling needs. For this type of work, two main system configurations are possible: two-pipe systems or four-pipe systems.

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