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3 Engineering Internship Interview Tips

While interviews can be a stressful time, they are also a great opportunity to grow your network and knowledge. For many students, an interview for an internship is the first time they will sit down with a company’s leaders and/or management. Being confident and knowledgeable is a great way to nail your interview and land that perfect internship. Let's look at these three quick tips to help you have a successful interview.

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G&M Promotes Retail Expertise at ICSC CenterBuild Conference

Gausman & Moore’s retail and leadership expertise was on full display last week at the International Council of Shopping Center (ICSC) CenterBuild Conference in Phoenix, AZ. In attendance to represent G&M was Daniel Sandoval (Managing Principal, Los Angeles Office) and Ed Studniski (G&M President).

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Potential Career Paths for Mechanical Engineers

Because of the broad skillset a mechanical engineer can acquire through schooling and work experience, the opportunities for various careers and positions are endless. 

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G&M Leaders Prepare Aspiring Architects for Rigorous Exams

Gausman & Moore has helped prepare aspiring architects for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE 5.0) for years. This year was no exception, as Dave Blume (Partner, Electrical Engineering – Roseville office) and Jim Manning (Partner, Mechanical Engineering – Roseville office) led a training session for more than a dozen candidates on Oct. 4.

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Interview Tips for Future Engineering Interns

Your hard work through the school year has finally paid off, and you were granted an interview for a summer internship. So what’s next? Interviewing can be an exciting, yet stressful time. Knowing how much depends on the answers you give in a short amount of time can be quite intimidating. We’ve put together some interview tips to help take the stress out of your interview. The more prepared you can be, the more confident you will look to a potential employer.

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Derick Podratz – Employee of the Month for August 2018

Derick Podratz (Commissioning, Roseville Office) was recognized as Gausman & Moore’s August 2018 Employee of the Month.

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Make the Most of Your Engineering Internship

At this point in the year, many undergraduate engineering students have their internships lined up for the upcoming summer. Whether you know who you’ll be working for this summer or are waiting to hear back from your dream firm, keep these helpful tips in mind to make the most of your engineering internship:

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4 Factors to Keep in Mind When Developing Engineering Career Goals

No matter where you are in your engineering career, it’s extremely important to have career goals. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a 10-year veteran, your goals will be a future destination of where you want to take your career. When setting your goals, take time to figure out exactly what you want and follow these four guiding principles to reach future success.

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Take Charge of Your Engineering Career

Whether you are just starting your career or you already have a few years of experience in your field, it’s important to never lose focus throughout your engineering career. Perhaps your position has become mundane and it’s time to reinvent yourself, or maybe you’re entering your first professional job and don’t know how to be the best engineer you can be. The following are a few things you can do to take charge as a professional and help progress your engineering career.

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How to Avoid Information Overload as an Engineer

As engineers, we’re constantly absorbing information to better ourselves, our places of work, and our industry as a whole. However, many professionals who are constantly being bombarded with information can oftentimes feel overwhelmed. With the various information sources out there, such as websites, industry publications, newsletters, etc., how well do you utilize that information and apply it to your everyday life, especially if there is just too much information to take in? The following tips may be helpful for you with avoiding information overload:

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Three G&M Staff Members Achieve EIT Status

Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam is an important milestone in an engineer’s career. To achieve the certification of Engineer-in-Training (EIT) requires a committed effort, hours of classes, and an eagerness to hone one’s craft.

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The Importance of Networking as an Engineer

You have probably heard about the importance of networking, especially when it’s early in your career, but do you truly understand what it means? As engineers who love the technical world, you may cringe when thinking about having to get to know others in the industry. However, networking isn’t as complicated as you may think. It doesn’t always require “putting yourself out there” and attending networking events every other weekend.

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Want That Engineering Job? 5 Skills You'll Need After You Graduate

You have an engineering degree in your preferred field—now what? It can be difficult, especially right out of the collegiate gate, to know exactly what hiring managers are looking for and what will catch their eyes. When you’re ready to start the job hunt, your future employer will want to know you are a master of five essential skills, making you a well-rounded, reliable employee. Be sure to stand out from your fellow applicants by honing in on the following crucial skills:

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The Importance of An Engineering Work Portfolio

Time to start looking for your next career move? You may be highly skilled in your area of expertise, however, you will need a strong way to convey this knowledge and experience to prospective employers. Simply stating what you worked on or completed in previous jobs or internships is not enough. A work portfolio is a great marketing tool for yourself, as it can also impact the hiring process, making it easier for both you and your employer.

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From Interns to Employees: A Brief Look at Two Recent Internship Experiences

Each year Gausman & Moore provides internship opportunities for young people working toward degrees in related fields of study. These experiences can help them as they grow professionally and personally, as they gain lifelong knowledge and skills. Two of our current full-time staff members, Drew Erickson and Casey Sveiven, were once G&M interns, and they recently spoke about their internship experience and how it influenced where each of them is at today.

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