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Six Ways to Deal with Short-Notice Requirements

Let’s face it. As an engineer or a professional in the engineering industry, you’re going to have to deal with unforeseen pop-ups once in awhile. These short-notice tasks can arise during any project, sometimes at inopportune times. Oftentimes they come from the client or a senior stakeholder, and they can definitely throw a project out of whack. Your ability to concisely answer to these pop-ups is critical, so you can gain or maintain your reputation of being an effective leader or project manager. The following are the best ways to deal with short-notice tasks:

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Why You Should Develop a Personal Career Strategy

Through the course of your engineering career, you may be faced with various hurdles and setbacks, as well as outstanding opportunities that can make or break your career. Every time you reach one of these milestones, you may not fully understand how you should confront each situation. By developing a personal career strategy, you reduce the short-term emotion guiding your decisions because you will see the overall picture. This is especially important because more often than not, engineers are in it for the long haul, and you want to be sure you have a plan for ever step along the way. The following are all reasons you should consider developing a personal strategy if you want to get the most from your engineering career:

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How to Create Your Personal Brand as an Engineering Professional

Developing a personal engineering brand for yourself will get you noticed by others in the field, put you ahead of the game, and even give you an experience advantage over your peers. Though you’ve been working away in school and in the workplace at gaining many new skills in the field of engineering, various other skills are required to create an effective engineering brand for yourself. Your brand will ultimately let others know you are an expert in all things engineering. If you want to have the opportunity to better partnerships, gain attention from job recruiters, or higher quality clients, follow the following five personal branding tips.

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