Whether we are assisting with the engineering of a new healthcare facility or restoring and reviving aging systems, Gausman & Moore engineers are always ensuring the long-term benefits of various healthcare facilities. We provide several solutions for healthcare facilities to improve building efficiency, safety, and cost savings. By providing a strong engineering strategy to our plans, staff are able to dedicate more resources to elevating patient care.



Airflow Changes

In any healthcare facility, occupied spaces require a high level of airflow changes each hour. These changes are controlled by air handling units (AHUs), and they use a great amount of energy, driving up operational costs for the facility. Take a constantly occupied operating room, for example. This room requires a minimum of 20 air changes per hour for the protection of the patients. Our experienced engineers utilize controllable AHUs to reduce energy usage as well as costs. For example, if the operating room is not in use, the number of air changes may be manually reduced through a control panel in the room. The staff are able to lower the airflow rate when the room is occupied and when it is not.


LED Lighting

With any healthcare facility, high-quality illumination is important for almost every space, and many long-term benefits arise when buildings utilize LED lighting. Patient rooms, hallways, operating rooms, MRI suites, and even parking garages require quality lighting, however, constantly illuminating these spaces all hours of the day and night is a significant expense. LED lighting lasts longer, has better functionality, and requires less upkeep than traditional fluorescent lighting.


Building Automation

Having an advanced building automation system allows for the facility’s staff to communicate and troubleshoot problems more easily. For example, if a patient says his/her room is too warm or too cold, the staff can investigate the cause of the problem through the automation system. This access allows for more efficient turnaround times when solving a problem as it relates to the room environment. Staff can access data for things like plumbing pumps, exhaust fans, AHUs, emergency generators, and more—all to keep the facility functioning properly and to help the patients feel as comfortable as possible.


Along with these additions, Gausman & Moore designs provided backup power for each of our healthcare campuses, ensuring they do not lose power and that patients will receive the care they need. Designing and implementing energy efficient strategies into each of our projects is greatly improving each facility’s advanced medical care for their patients by saving each facility time and money. For more information about our past healthcare industry experience, view our Healthcare Portfolio or call us at 651-639-9606.