Developing a personal engineering brand for yourself will get you noticed by others in the field, put you ahead of the game, and even give you an experience advantage over your peers. Though you’ve been working away in school and in the workplace at gaining many new skills in the field of engineering, various other skills are required to create an effective engineering brand for yourself. Your brand will ultimately let others know you are an expert in all things engineering. If you want to have the opportunity to better partnerships, gain attention from job recruiters, or higher quality clients, follow the following five personal branding tips.


1.      Writing

We get it. Engineers are supposed to be experts in numbers, math, and science, right? Well in today’s world, the most well-rounded and respected engineers also have outstanding writing skills. We know you must create write-ups and articles regarding most projects you’re working on, however if they aren’t written well, you will lose more credibility than you may think. Consider working with an experienced writer or editor to further develop your ever-so-essential writing skills.


2.      Blogging

Blogging isn’t just for writing experts. After you develop your writings skills, you should take time to start blogging about what you know: engineering. Remember, you are the expert in your field, and it’s important to let people know this. You will need to develop a strategy for how to get your work in front of your desired audience. This strategy should include idea development, audience identification, and search engine optimization.  


3.      SEO

Search Engine Optimization —otherwise known as SEO. You may have heard this term in conversation, especially as the world continues to become heavily immersed in the web era, but you may not understand what it means. In order to optimize searches to your website/blog site, you must cater to the keywords or phrases your audience may be searching for. Various tools, such as Google AdWords, can help you refine those keywords and phrases so you can write them into your blogs. When your blogs are properly keyworded, the more likely your blog page will perform better on any search engine.


4.      Email Marketing

How else will you drive traffic to your blog? You can’t simply rely on word of mouth and SEO. Email marketing is another way to make important announcements, share your publications, and get people to read your blog. Various email service providers can assist with mass email distribution to the audience. Depending on the service provider you choose, you can personalize your emails, separate them by target audience, and even conduct automatic email campaigns.


5.      Public Speaking

It’s the skill we engineers feared in school and never thought we’d need. However, as your personal brand continues to grow, opportunities to speak about your knowledge and experiences may arise. Practice your public speaking skills by starting small; try to speak at local associations or give a lecture at your local college or university. The more you practice, the more at ease you will feel when it’s time to speak at a large conference.


Some of the above skills may take time to master, and some may even change as you develop your brand. Having a career in the field of engineering is no longer only about crunching the numbers, hunkering down in front of a computer, or working in the field. Developing a brand isn’t quick and easy, but it definitely has outstanding benefits. Share your knowledge, and become a more respected engineer to help your career and elevate your company along the way.