Internships are an outstanding way to acquire much-needed experience in the field. As your internship begins to wind down, you may think, what next? If you’re a soon-to-be graduate, you may want to continue with the company for your career, however, it’s never a guarantee. While you may have gone above and beyond for your role as an intern, you may not realize there are extra steps to take to prove you’re truly interested in a career with the company. Be sure to follow tips listed below, and you will be sure to make a memorable impression to your internship supervisor.


1.      Take Notes

Literally and figuratively speaking, take careful notes of the things you worked on during your experience, as well as what the company as a whole is working on. Whether you tacked hands-on fieldwork, laboratory research, or in-depth analysis on a computer, you should pay attention to the work being done around you. This will help you develop a clear picture of how the internship is giving you relevant experience.


Toward the end of your internship, sit down with your supervisor to share with him/her everything you learned. Be sure to also share the ways you were an asset to the company as well as the lessons you learned that you’ll carry with you for the future. This will definitely make an impression to your supervisor and colleagues, and they’ll keep you in mind if any opportunities open in the future.


2.      Keep in Touch

Following your internship, be sure to stay connected with your former supervisor, colleagues, and any mentors with whom you worked. Connect with them via LinkedIn, and send them email updates every once in awhile letting them know what you’re up to and what you’re learning in school.


This will show hiring managers that you are interested in the company and that you will take a job with that company very seriously. Staying connected with everyone on a regular basis will definitely keep you at the front of their minds if a position opens up at the company.


3.      Communicate your Interest

There’s nothing better to help get your foot in the door than by telling your supervisor you want to join the organization. Your current supervisor may not realize you are interested in turning your internship into a career with the company unless you tell him/her. The benefit of hiring you full-time? You already have some of the best entry-level experience at the company, which will set you apart from other job seekers.


Internships are a great way to gain hands-on industry experience in the field you’re in the process of pursuing. If you are currently looking for an engineering internship opportunity or a career at Gausman & Moore, visit our Careers page for a list of openings.