Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers are in demand and are projected to grow by several million by 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, some children may not understand the enjoyment and hard work that can go into the world of STEM. Learning about STEM subjects is not necessarily limited to school. Therefore it’s never too early to encourage your children to understand and enjoy the STEM fields.


STEM Learning Opportunities for your Kids


Engineering for Kids - This organization brings together STEM subjects for kids (ages 4-14) to learn and develop their skills through camps, clubs, classes, and parties. The activities offered through Engineering for Kids will challenge them to be innovative thinkers and Check out their website to see if there is a location near you!


iDTech - Also known as one of the best tech camps for kids and teens ages 6-18, iDTech allows kids to explore a top university campus each summer that specializes in STEM studies. The organization's goal: to help young people develop outstanding coding, developing, designing and other engineering skills that will last a lifetime. There is even a community of over 275,000 iDTech students and alumni who regularly organize robotics clubs and encourage participation. Some of the most prominent alumni have gone on to starting their own companies, founding non-profit organizations, and finding careers at tech powerhouses such as Facebook and Google.


Play Well - Play Well introduces STEM subjects to kids Kindergarten through 8th Grade through Lego building. The organization offers summer camps, after school and homeschool classes, and other programs for children wanting to learn more about problem-solving and building. Their Core Engineering programs are the best ways for kids to learn and discover skills through play. Check out the website to find a location near you.


Summer Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK) - SEEK was designed by the National Society for Black Engineers to help address the low number of African Americans in the STEM fields. The program, for children ages 8-18, can participate in a three-week summer camp, where they will immerse themselves in problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative activities related to STEM. The camp is located in 19 cities across the United States; check out their website to see if there is one near you.


AAUW for girls - The American Association of University Women is developing innovative ways to get young girls to feel empowered and interested in STEM, as the number of women in STEM careers is lower than the number of me. It hosts regular workshops, conferences, and camps to help middle school-aged girls become inspired about the exciting world of STEM. Visit their website to learn more about their programs.


One of our primary goals at Gausman & Moore is to raise awareness of the importance of STEM education, both outside and inside the classroom. A whole new world opens up for children who enjoy and are involved with growing their minds. These kids are the future of this world, and the more they learn, the better they will understand and develop innovations we could only dream.