Solar energy is energy derived from sunlight or heat from the sun. The solar power is a renewable, free source of energy that is both sustainable and inexhaustible. Therefore, more and more building contractors are turning to solar power for buildings. As the earth’s oil reserves deplete, our reliance on fossil fuels will need to change; it is important for us to turn to alternative energy sources, instead.

Advantages of Solar Power

  • Zero pollution. This is one of the major advantages of solar power during its electricity-generating process. Unlike traditional energy sources, solar power does not pollute the air by releasing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide mercury, or sulfur dioxide. It does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog, therefore, it is considered the most green energy source available.
  • No fuel required. Once installed, the solar grids collect sunlight for power. They are static objects, meaning, they do not require any movement or fuel power to perform. This also means the solar energy doesn’t contribute to the problems of recovery and transportation of fuel.
  • No ongoing costs. Solar radiation is free everywhere, therefore, there are not extra ongoing costs for the power it generates after the grids are installed. Once the initial costs are paid for the panels and installation, nothing else goes into keeping them running and collecting solar energy.
  • Flexible application. Solar grids can be applied to a variety of places, both stationary and/or portable. The panels can be made small enough to fit on electronic devices, or large enough to supply electricity to entire buildings.
  • Possible incentives. Certain states, including Minnesota, offer tax credits for installing solar panels for your home or business. With that tax credit, you can deduct a portion of the cost of your solar panel system from your state tax bill. The federal government also provides this solar tax credit, known as the investment tax credit (ITC). Click here to find the incentives available to you.

At Gausman & Moore, our goal is to not only work on creating low-energy buildings. We want to help these buildings be self-sustaining with renewable energy. We understand a building with the best building materials is not enough to make its low energy. Solar power technologies are always evolving with advances in efficiency and cost savings. Our knowledgeable professionals research incentives to help our customers determine how to afford their project to go green. 

Solar power technology is always improving because more and more people understand its benefits. The cost of the electricity produced by solar panels is below the costs of building fossil fuel power plants. Not only does solar power help make the world cleaner and greener, it save you energy bill costs in the long run. Check out our Renewable Energy page, or call us at (651) 639-9606 for more information of Gausman & Moore.