High-performance buildings are optimized to function at the most efficient level possible. Additionally, high-performance buildings are often the outcome of an integrated design process, as we have previously discussed in this blog series. The main essence of designing in such a way comes down to thinking of a building as an ecosystem. It is a unit made up of many functioning parts, and when they all work efficiently and work together, there is harmony, so to speak. Subsequently, when changes are made to one part without considering the ramifications of that change, it could have a large impact on the rest of the building.


What makes high-performance buildings stand out? These types of buildings are:

●        Comfortable. When buildings are made efficiently, and the engineers and designers are focused on systems working together, they are comfortable. This means that whoever will be working, living, shopping, or visiting that building will be more likely to have a pleasant experience. From better temperature maintenance to aesthetically pleasing materials and environments, high-performance buildings are more comfortable than their counterparts.

●        Healthy. A very important but often ignored element of building design is how healthy the building will be for its inhabitants. High-performance buildings take into consideration the sunlight, window views, proper air ventilation, propensity for mold, and more. Healthier people are more productive, more happy, more likely to want to return, and less stressed.

●        Durable. High-performance buildings are long-lasting. Built with sustainable materials and with plans for longevity, these buildings outlast traditional ones. They are low-maintenance, safe, and built for their surrounding environment, so they hold up through weather events and years of use.

●        Efficient. When buildings are made to be high performing, efficiency is a natural by-product. With such aspects as efficient windows, proper lighting, airtight sealing, up-to-date appliances, repurposed materials, and more, high-performance buildings bring together the best features and products. Efficiency is not always doing less with more, as some might think. It’s doing something the best and clearest way. There’s no sacrifice when it comes efficiency in a high-performance building.


At Gausman & Moore, we believe in the viability and importance of designing high-performance buildings. Our team is dedicated to using the most current and advanced methods to ensure our clients and communities get the best of the best. Sustainability is one of the core values here at Gausman & Moore, playing its part in everything we do. Learn more about what sustainability means to us here.