A design conference scheduled in the middle of winter in Duluth, MN might seem unusual, but for 29 years 100-plus architects have attended the Lake Superior Design Retreat. On the shores of Lake Superior, the conference always attracts fascinating and fun presenters. This keeps the architects coming back annually, braving the typically very cold and very snowy climate. Gausman & Moore has proudly sponsored and attended the conference for most of its 29 years.


Why would a consulting engineering company sponsor and attend a convention for architects? The key is in the name, which drives the selection of the presenters. The Lake Superior Design Retreat is about the interdisciplinary process of design.


This year’s “Interludes” between presentations covered the design and construction of a 12-foot-high and 25-foot long Pedal Bear built for the Art Shanty Project at White Bear Lake. Other presenters covered small houses, equity in rebuilding of infrastructure, branding art, locally laid eggs, and solving the puzzle of the mega-project. The quote of the weekend was by architect Brent Kelley whose lesson learned about presenting was, “never follow the egg lady.” 


The group toured the newly completed $80 million maurices corporate headquarters led by Terry Helland, principal architect from RSP Architects. G&M provided the MEP engineering for this project.