Do you know if your workplace’s electrical system is safe and up to code? Having a potentially faulty or unsafe electrical system could pose a risk for your employees or other individuals. While working with Gausman & Moore, you may hear the topic “arc flash study” be referenced once or twice—a study we conduct regularly and is something we often recommend to our clients. An arc flash is a rapid release of energy (an electricity short) due to an arcing fault between two electrical points, it usually appears as an arching flash of white, and is a potential hazard to individuals. An arc flash study is when a trained expert conducts an on-site evaluation of a workplace facility. The expert will make a full assessment of the workplace’s electrical system and compile a detailed report of the electrical system’s safety.


Arc Flash Study Components:

1.      Data collection and system modeling. This is completed through the facility’s power distribution system.

2.      Short circuit study. This is a study based on available and verified single-line diagrams. We will create a new single-line diagram if one does not exist or needs to be updated.

3.      Device coordination study. This is the examination of the electrical system and other documentation to ensure that overcurrent protection devices are properly in place.

4.      Arc flash calculations. Our professional engineer (PE) will be able to determine the arc flash duration, incident energy, and boundary, and the results

5.      Reporting. A formal report is developed following the arc flash study. It includes the data collected, study assumptions, calculation results, electrical safety recommendations, and a full description of the procedure. To help ensure the safety of your workers, we will provide no- or low-cost recommendations as well as more permanent recommendations.

6.      Label Installation. After determining what areas are potential hazards for an arc flash or shock, we create and place specialized warning labels in their designated areas to ensure those working near the area are aware and can follow the necessary steps to stay safe.


Various standards and regulations exist to help prevent arc flash incidents, including from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It is important to have your electrical system inspected regularly to ensure the system is working correctly and to fix any possible electrical problems.


Gausman & Moore’s trained professional electrical engineers (PE) have the knowledge and capabilities to conduct thorough arc flash studies on any electrical system. We use the latest SKM software to conduct these studies. We will point out areas of potential hazards along with any necessary changes that may be needed in order to ensure the safety of your electrical workers and to improve or maintain your electrical system.