Gausman & Moore sponsored a table at the 23rd Annual Proctor-Hermantown “Excellence in Education” banquet. Scott Haedtke, Senior Associated and Duluth Office Manager, sat with Thomas (TJ) Haller, a senior at Proctor High School who is graduating in the top 10 percent of his class. TJ is planning to attend Marquette University and pursue an engineering degree. TJ’s favorite subjects in school are math and science. He also participated in football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball and was involved in National Honor Society. His volunteer work has included youth football games, soup kitchens, and Grandma’s Marathon.


TJ’s parents and grandparents attended the banquet with him. Also attending was Lowell Harnell, a construction teacher at Proctor High School. Harnell was recognized by TJ as having a significant impact on his life.


“Mr. Harnell taught me that things are only going to get done if I listen and work hard. He taught me that determination is key and that working with others can be beneficial, but can also be difficult,” TJ said. “He also taught me valuable building skills, and I will keep these skills and lessons with me for the rest of my life.”


Gausman and Moore has been a regular supporter of this banquet including providing the seed funding to start the Banquet through the Duluth Skyline Rotary Club. Mark Leutgeb, Business Development Director, is a 26-year member of the Club.


Photo (left to right): Lynnette Haller, Tom Haller, Scott Haedtke, Lowell Harnell, TJ Haller, Lottie Haller, Thomas Haller