Integrated design is a growing method for effective and sustainable building. When used throughout a building project, integrated design methods produce better buildings for both those using the building and the environment. At Gausman & Moore, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of integrated design and employ it throughout our engineering firm. As part of our blog series on sustainable design, let’s take a quick look at what goes into integrated design.


Elements of Integrated Design


The word, ‘integrate’, itself means “to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole.” That’s really what integrated design is all about; looking at a project as whole rather than many separate parts. The logistics of integrated design can be difficult, as it is any time when many people are working together for one purpose. However, when everyone is focused on the end goal and the integrated design method, it becomes less complicated and more cohesive. That and rigorous attention to detail makes up the foundational pieces that make integrated design work.



An essential element of integrated design is early implementation. The project team must have complete buy-in from the very beginning. Most, if not all, of the essential elements relating to sustainability and proper building and systems functionality, are designed, modeled, and decided upon very early on. The team leaders ought to communicate thoroughly at the start what each team member can expect and what the final outcome will be. Every element, from the electrical and HVAC systems to the interior design, should work together to form a cohesive building.


Creative Problem-Solving and Sustainability

We believe that a key component of integrated design is creative problem-solving. With the project team being able to think outside the box to find integrated solutions that help them meet their goals, the sky’s the limit! Effective and affordable sustainable practices depend on this, as does the success of any project. With every area of a building designed to work as a whole, the end product is that much better suited to last a long time, allowing for improved sustainability and affordability.


Integrated Design at Gausman & Moore


Our team employs an integrated design process to our projects as much as we are able. With sustainability as one of our core values here at Gausman & Moore, integrated design is an essential element to our work. Learn more about the Gausman & Moore dedication to sustainability here.