Internships are a practical way to get on-the-job training and experience before fully diving into the workforce. Engineering internships, especially, are essential to the flow of qualified candidates for many companies, as it can take upwards of 2 years before a new hire is fully integrated into the day-to-day practices of their company. Obtaining an engineering internship, or two, is a great way for an engineering student to test their skills and education against the real-world problems firms face every day. Companies are able to train up and coming engineers and bring in young candidates with fresh ideas to help build their next generation of employees.


What makes for a great engineering internship?

There are a lot of facets that apply to a great engineering internship, however, it’s important to remember that each person will have certain items that are more important than others. Overall, students should look for a company that has a robust intern program already established. This way, the student gets a more solid foundation in their internship training.


Additionally, a great engineering internship provides “real” work and constructive criticism. No one wants an internship where they’re only making copies or fetching coffee. That’s a waste of time. Look for a program that allows for quality mentorship and experience that will do more than fill out a resume.


The logistics of an internship.

There are a few key logistical points that all students should keep in mind when looking for their first engineering internship. First, the credits. What does your educational institution have set in place for rewarding credits for internships? What kind of information do you have to report? Be sure you find out everything you need to know before starting your search. Secondly, location. Will you need to drive to your internship, and is public transportation available? This is an important element that is easily put on the backburner. And lastly, schedule. Internships are highly valuable in one’s education, but they take a lot of time and energy to execute well. Make sure your work and class load are at the appropriate level for you to get everything you can out of your engineering internship.


Gausman & Moore

At Gausman & Moore, we understand how valuable an engineering internship is for a student. There is a lot that can be learned in a semester or a summer internship that isn’t always available in the classroom. We have an internship program where students learn directly from senior engineers in our firm. Learn more and apply here.