A plumbing engineer is an integral part of any engineering team. Their expertise overlaps with most areas of any given building project, bringing everything together behind the scenes for seamless operation. Plumbing engineers create systems and make plans that influence sustainability, water and energy efficiency, protection from fire, and much more.


What Plumbing Engineers Do.


Domestic Water. Plumbing engineers work with municipal or site-sourced water systems to build an efficient distribution system for a building. This includes landscape irrigation, indoor sprinklers and fire suppression, hot water piping and fixtures, water filtration, and cleaning systems.


Plumbing Systems. As indicated by the name, plumbing systems, as typically used in layman's terms, is also part of the job of a plumbing engineer. A large part of these systems are the plumbing fixtures. The sewer and water available play a large role in this area. A plumbing engineer must account for many variables to create an efficient and reliable plumbing system, which can be extremely challenging as buildings vary by size, structure, purpose, location, among others.


Storm Water Systems. In most locations, dealing with storm water is a major concern. Although it could take form as snow, ice, or hail, there must be the appropriate systems in place for proper flow and building soundness in any storm type. There are different ways to manage storm water, and the plumbing engineer must find the best system that works for the project at hand.


How Exceptional Plumbing Engineers Get the Job Done.


Impeccable Design. Plumbing engineers do more than make sure water flows in the right direction in your building. They design systems that have to work effectively for a long period of time, and sometimes under immense stress. The best plumbing engineers understand how engineering the whole building works together, and therefore are able to use their skills and creativity to design systems that work.


Detailed Planning. It’s all about those little details, and exceptional plumbing engineers know it all too well. Thorough, detailed planning at the get-go means efficient and long-lasting systems down the road. The safety of a building depends on proper planning, and plumbing engineering is a large part of that process.


Insightful Problem Solving. Any engineer ought to excel at problem-solving. However, plumbing engineers are often required to work within a team, lending their expertise. Being able to provide insightful and creative solutions to problems or challenges that arise in a project is invaluable.


Plumbing Engineering at Gausman & Moore


Exceptional plumbing engineers make up an important part of the team here at Gausman & Moore. Their expertise allows us to work on a variety of unique and challenging projects and come away with great results and happy clients. We believe that having an exceptional team results in exceptional results, which is all part of  our commitment to sustainable building and community service.