For many businesses, saving energy and reducing utility bills are constant battles. With the volume of energy needed to power the many computers, lights, heating and cooling systems, not to mention break room or kitchen appliances, it’s no wonder businesses get overwhelmed. However, keeping an eye on energy saving techniques will go a long way in allowing you to use the money saved toward growing your business. Get started on reducing your utility bill today with these 5 energy saving tips for your business:


1.      Clean and/or change furnace or other HVAC filters. If you haven’t checked the filters on any of your HVAC systems, that’s a good place to start. Bring in an expert if you aren’t sure what to look for – it’s money well spent. Once everything is tuned up and ready to go, set up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the highest efficiency of your system. We recommend checking once in the fall and once in the spring.

2.      Check seals on windows and doors. Here in the midwest, we’re all fairly consistent in making sure our homes are well-sealed. However, it’s easy to forget that the same needs to be done to your office space or work building. Walk through your space and check for drafts or cold spots to identify any potentially broken seals. Fix anything you find right away. An additional energy saving tip is to replace old windows with energy efficient storm windows. For regions with especially cold winters, consider covering windows with plastic film during the winter months for additional insulation.

3.      Update lighting to be energy efficient. To start, replace incandescent light bulbs with either LED or CFL bulbs. Next, if you are able to install skylights or arrange work spaces near natural lighting, do so. Utilize natural light as much as possible to maximize energy and save on your utility bill. For brightness concerns, install shades that can be easily drawn.

4.      Invest in programmable thermostats. Make it easy to set the appropriate temperature with a programmable thermostat. The energy you can save by simply keeping your office a few degrees cooler overnight is huge! An additional energy saving tip for businesses is to keep your space a couple of degrees cooler in the winter and then a bit warmer in the summer to account for seasonal apparel.

5.      Unplug! All the electronic devices in your office use up a lot of energy, even when they are turned off but still plugged in. Remind your team to unplug laptop or phone chargers when not in use, in addition to any other personal item. Additionally, you can invest in energy saving surge protectors that will automatically power off when not in use. Turn off what you can overnight, and especially so over a weekend.


Implementing energy saving tips into your daily company routine is easier than you might think. Plus, there is incentive to being able to funnel the saved funds into channels that will grow your business. If you’re looking for ways to improve your HVAC system or retrofit your building for increased efficiency, consider contacting our team of experts at Gausman & Moore. As a full-service mechanical and electrical engineering firm for over 80 years, we’ve got the expertise and passion working with clients to get the best results. Learn more about us.