Dear Clients and Partners

We are OPEN for business.

We want to express our deep gratefulness and commitment to you in this troubling time and hope this finds you well.

In doing our part to combat the spread of the COVID-19 our California office is adhering to the “stay home” order issued by California Governor Newsom. To that effect, all of our California employees are currently working from home.

Minnesota has not issued such a directive. Our employees are choosing whether to work from home or to come into our offices while maintaining all recommendations of the CDC and WHO.

We want to assure you WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Our staff has VPN access to our servers and have the capability to continue to deliver on our project commitments. We have implemented the following measures to ensure staff safety and the highest level of service:

  1. California staff is working from home and have full access to email and all design tools and files.
  2. Minnesota staff has the option and capability to work from home.
  3. Office phones are forwarding to employees cell phones to keep the communication lines open.
  4. For the safety of our staff, travel is restricted unless deemed critical to on-going projects and only as approved by a partner of Gausman & Moore.
  5. The partners of the firm are committed to continuing to be available to our clients and staff.  We will continue to work closely with our clients and staff to minimize disruptions.

While our physical California office is closed, our virtual office remains open and at your service. The use of current technology allows us to stay connected to serve our clients while caring for our staff and the community.

Minnesota Partners

Ed Studniski


Jim Manning


Dave Blume


Paul Haslach


California Partner



Daniel Sandoval




Gausman and Moore