Every day, more advances in renewable energy emerge, and the growing importance of renewable energy becomes evident. Throughout the world, many state and federally issued projects and challenges are underway to promote the use of renewable energy. Below, let's take a look at some recent innovations, advances, and future planned projects to take advantage of renewable energy sources worldwide.


On a worldwide scale, many countries are leading the way with renewable energy initiatives, and Sweden is leading the pack by a landslide. This country has set the bar high with its renewable initiatives and its goal to become the first country in the world to rely 100% on renewable energy generation. Further, it has challenged other countries to beat it to become the first, which has generated some friendly competition.

The country has started to build infrastructure that relies heavily on solar power, wind power, smart grids, and energy storage devices. Everything from commercial and residential buildings, to green transportation are moving in a sustainable direction with strong directives from the country. Sweden aims to completely eliminate the need for fossil fuels within its borders.

Morocco is close behind Sweden with its ambitious goal to build the world's largest solar plant. Taking full advantage of Morocco's sunlit environment, the first phase of this innovative project was recently opened. When combined with Morocco's hydro plants and wind power generation, about half of the total energy used in Morocco will come from renewable sources by 2020.

Renewable Energy Growth

While many countries are growing closer to becoming entirely free of fossil fuels, some countries are showing tremendous growth in the use of renewable sources. China is by far the leader of renewable growth. Although arguably one of the world's largest greenhouse gas producers, China has worked to implement a mix of green energy sources throughout the country. Nearly 40% of the world's renewable energy growth will have come from China by the year 2022, and it seems that the country is on track to even surpass their own goals. Their solar panel implementation target for 2020 has already been surpassed, and the country is looking to exceed its wind power goal by this year.

Not to be outdone, the United States is seeing strong growth in renewable energy. Most of this is due to many federal and state level initiatives to help motivate consumers and builders to switch to renewable energy sources. The multi-year tax incentives help builders implement green energy sources into building designs. On a state level, many states are enacting their own sustainable goals and regulations with a heavy focus on solar panels and solar energy.

Future Projects

There are several exciting projects on the horizon that are promising for the future of renewable energy. The largest and most ambitious project plan is the TuNur Project. Utilizing the available space and solar capacity of southwestern Tunisia, this project will use Concentrated Solar Power technology to capture and funnel solar power to most of Europe. The design calls for subterranean cables to extend from Tunisia to various parts of Europe, delivering green power in three separate phases. If all goes to plan, the first phase of this project will be underway by 2020.

Sustainable innovation is promising for a cleaner world and a more efficient energy alternative. To design and implement these renewable energy sources it takes a team of engineers. At Gausman & Moore, we want to stay current with advances, not only in our own backyard, but throughout the world, so we can learn and stay relevant with the growing importance of renewable energy. To learn more about our sustainable building initiatives, contact us today.