California has recently unveiled Title 24, which is an innovated collection of building codes and standards for new construction in California. While engineers, designers, and builders alike will be focused on the regulations, Part 6 to the title has people excited. Focused on reduced energy consumption, Part 6 has the potential to transform the building landscape for the foreseeable future in California.

What is Title 24?

In the state of California, Title 24 outlines the various building codes and procedures that must be adhered to for any new construction projects. It was created by the California Standard Building Commission in an attempt to not only increase the safety and security of the building crew, as well as its inhabitants following construction, but also to increase the sustainable aspect of new buildings. Sustainability can be improved through better energy efficiency, less wasted materials, and mitigated environmental impact.

What are the parts of Title 24?

There are twelve main parts to Title 24, and each part deals specifically with each component of a commercial building. For engineers, builders, and designers, there are several parts of the code that directly impact how they construct the building. These various parts in the title explain the minimum requirements to make a safe electrical, mechanical, or plumbing system for both the inhabitants of the building and the surrounding environment and inhabitants from buildings close by.

The most important part to Title 24 is Part 6, which is the California Energy Code. This part is written with California's energy conservation goals in mind. This code was added as a way to force builders to regularly utilize energy efficient designs and features in their buildings. To do so, Title 24 is specifically focused on improving lighting standards with energy efficient bulbs or the increased use of natural light. This will increase the energy efficiency of the building while decreasing the overall energy consumption.

What are the benefits of Title 24?

The greatest upfront benefits of Title 24 are the increased safety of the construction crew, as well as having an outlined guideline for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing infrastructure of new buildings in California.

Part 6 to the building code is where Title 24 is able to make the greatest impact. This part, which focuses on energy efficiency, will pave the way to create a greener, more sustainable future for California. With a heavier focus on reduced energy consumption, buildings in California can start to work their ways toward net zero energy buildings in the future. Homeowners and builders alike will have the opportunity to save money with new regulations introduced by Title 24. Homeowners will save money with reduced energy use, California will be able to create a healthier economy with more desirable construction projects, and the environment will sustain minimal impact in the process.

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At Gausman & Moore, we like to stay at the forefront of regulation changes in California, as well as throughout the United States. Title 24 is an exciting new building code that will push construction techniques and practices into a greener, more sustainable future.

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