Many large-scale buildings, such as healthcare facilities, consume enormous amounts of power every day. Within evert building, there are many ways to reduce energy expenditures and make the facility more sustainable.

At Gausman & Moore, our team of engineers can design and integrate several features to help conserve energy, which helps save money and energy. Below, let's examine just a few ways we can help make your healthcare facility more sustainable:

●        Utilize Natural Light

Natural light within a healthcare facility setting is a great way to make a building more sustainable. Natural light can supplement overhead lighting, which can reduce the need to rely on traditional power sources. Additionally, the use of natural light can help regulate temperatures within the building.

Large windows that allow more natural light can be used throughout the hospital and not just in patient rooms. Hospitals can utilize windows throughout the hospital, including hallways, cafeterias, and office spaces. Many studies have indicated that natural lighting can help accelerate the healing process in patients, as well. If natural lighting is not possible, switching to LED bulbs can help save a tremendous amount of energy.

●        Use Low-Voltage Systems

Within any healthcare building, there are always several electronic systems that continually run in the background. These systems can range from patient monitoring devices to call devices for staff members. Intercom systems and data systems within the hospital can all be maintained with lower levels of electricity.

Hospitals can take advantage of what is known as a low-voltage system. These systems still maintain the basic functionality of the hospital, but do so at a far reduced energy consumption rate. The best part is that many existing hospitals can easily be transitioned to a low-voltage energy system.

●        Utilize Existing Space

The best opportunity to maintain a sustainable healthcare building is to use existing space. This means taking an already existing building and remodeling the healthcare facility to become more sustainable and energy efficient. While building a brand-new facility can be enticing, using an already existing structure is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint.

New facilities require new materials and heavy fuel loads (to manufacture, ship, and build). Renovating and updating an existing structure is the best way to keep your healthcare building sustainable while including new technologies and recycled or reused materials.

At Gausman & Moore, we are passionate about our environment and regularly look for every opportunity to make buildings more sustainable. Healthcare facilities have many opportunities to conserve energy while maintaining a state-of-the-art facility. Our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers can help redesign any healthcare space to meet today’s sustainability needs.

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