Throughout any construction project, there are many moving parts. The client, of course, has a say in the design and overall construction to make sure his or her objectives are accomplished. To do so, many parts of the design and construction team must work together to achieve the overall goal. This is no different for electrical engineers working on a project. Below, we will examine the many ways an electrical engineer must interface with the various teams that work on a building to create a successful project.

Client Communication

The first step in any electrical project is to have open communication with the client. Knowing what the client's expectations are will help the electrical engineer develop the best possible product. Understanding how the space will be used can often dictate the type of requirements needed for the electrical installation. Further, understanding the overall goals of the client, whether it is sustainability, reduced energy costs, or a more efficient system, will better assist the engineer. All of these factors can be understood through open and effective communication between the engineer and client.

Design Communication

Once the purpose and overall use of the building is understood, the electrical engineer can create an effective design. If there are mission critical systems within the design, the electrical engineer can cater his or her design to prioritize these components. Further, if there are elements to the electrical design that can be run on low-voltage systems, the engineer can configure a system to save energy while still managing to run power to intercoms, surveillance, and monitoring systems. Further, communication with other engineers on the project can highlight other critical systems within the design that the electrical engineer may have to accommodate for.

Construction Communication

When it comes time to build or redesign a space, communication with the construction team is pivotal. Knowing exactly which parts and equipment are necessary for the overall design can save countless dollars during construction and can save money on energy costs. As an example, simply using the correct size conduit to house electrical wires can save an enormous amount of money when considering the conduit must run through an entire building. Communication with the team installing and building the electrical systems daily can help create a successful, energy efficient, building.

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