Commissioning and recommissioning services are intended to make sure very complex operating systems are running as they should. The commissioning process helps both owners and operating managers know that the systems in their buildings are running smoothly, correctly, and as intended.

Owners often have very specific building criteria that must be met, and the commissioning process can help. There are several benefits to commissioning, which include a smoother build process, a better operation, and ultimately, a cost savings. Below, we will take a closer look at the benefits of using commissioning services.

●        Easier Build Process

Many construction projects have very specific operational requirements that must be met. This can include confirming a lighting system meets LEED requirements, or that a heating and cooling unit is efficiently controlling the temperature within a building.

An early commissioning process can help confirm that the operations of the building are meeting standardized requirements, and can ultimately help assure your building is LEED certified. Additionally, commissioning operating systems early in the build process leads to less warranty callbacks by operating managers and contractors.

●        Better Operation

Commissioning is also able to guarantee a better operation of the system for the lifetime of the building. Commissioning engineers create an easy turnover to the permanent maintenance staff. The engineers are able to detail to the operating staff the way the system should be operated, maintained, and fixed should a problem occur. Further, commissioning the system early on in the process assures that the installation and maintenance was done correctly the first time.

●        Cost Savings

Ultimately, the biggest benefit to commissioning an operating system is that it saves a tremendous amount of money. By running the operation system correctly, owners are sure to save money on operation costs. A system that is running correctly, runs efficiently without wasting costly utilities. Further, the system will run smoothly, eliminating the need to replace costly parts that wear out before their time. The equipment will continue to remain reliable and require fewer replacements and repairs as the system ages.

Lastly, if commissioned early in the build process, owners can save money with fewer change orders. Knowing how a system will operate can save money by making sure the design is correct and efficient the first time. Changing orders once a system is installed and running can prove to be quite costly.

Our professional and skilled team at Gausman & Moore is well versed in commissioning, recommissioning, and retro-commissioning. We work with both in-house projects as well as with projects designed for independent third parties.

To learn more about what we can accomplish through commissioning, or to see a list of the projects we have commissioned, contact us today. We have offices in Minneapolis, MN; Santa Clarita, CA, and Duluth, MN.