“I don’t know how she does it,” was a common statement about Zola Burns (Administration, Roseville Office) and her role as Treasurer of the Roseville Area Optimist Club. Zola’s efforts with the club resulted in her being named as the club’s 2018 Optimist of the Year.


The Roseville Area Optimist Club is committed to helping people approach life with a positive attitude. This is accomplished by networking with optimistic members, listening to inspiring speakers, and working to instill optimism in the next generation. The club is regularly organizing community events, such as a scholarship program for area youth. For more information, go to the club’s website – www.rosevilleareaoptimistclub.com.


Club President Terry Gorman has known Zola since the Roseville Area Optimist Club started two years ago in January 2017. He is continually impressed by her can-do attitude and commitment to helping the club achieve its many goals.


“Zola is a shining gem in our group,” said Gorman, who has been active with Optimist Clubs for several decades. “She doesn’t miss a thing.”


The Roseville Optimist Club currently has approximately 120 members. That number is impressive, given how relatively new the club is, Gorman said. What he also finds impressive is that Zola knows every member. A smiling face and positive outlook is always on display, which is impressive given how much Zola does for the club.


“Zola’s gifts and optimism have contributed mightily to the success of Gausman & Moore. It is wonderful that the Roseville Area Optimist club is able to benefit from her talents and awesome that they see in her what we have for years!” said Ed Studniski, President of Gausman & Moore.


Organizing events, scheduling meals, paying the club’s bills, coordinating the publication of the club’s book (Voices of Optimism) and any other task that presents itself, Zola is ready for the challenge, said Gorman. She excels at assessing situations, keeping track of the small details, and running the club efficiently.


“Zola has definitely been instrumental in putting the club on stable footing,” Gorman said. “She’s a fantastic administrator.”


Congrats Zola on a job well done!