The Importance of a Professional Network

It turns out the saying, "It is all about who you know" is very true. Nearly 85% of all open positions are filled by networking. A professional network is a support system of colleagues and friends you have interacted with and worked with over the years. The network can include college classmates or simply people you met for lunch at a nearby office.


By building a professional network, you are able to connect to other companies, industries, or even fields you otherwise wouldn’t normally connect with on your own. Networking is a great way to not only stay connected with friendly colleagues, but to advance your career to new opportunities.


Ways to Build Your Network

When you are just starting your engineering career, it can be difficult to have a large network so you must find ways to grow and develop your network. Try to participate in professional organizations or clubs. Chances are you will be able to meet like minded people working for different companies or in different industries.


Volunteering is another great way to meet people. Not only do you have the satisfaction of helping, but you can meet a wide variety of people that might not have necessarily come together in the workplace.


Publishing blogs, e-articles, or professional papers about the industry you are passionate about is another way to connect. Sharing your viewpoints and opinions is an easy platform to allow open discussion with others that might share your opinions too.


Keys to Maintain your Network

Building your professional network is one thing, but being able to maintain it is quite another. It can be difficult keeping in communication with your colleagues as time passes and your network grows.


One tip to maintain your network is to prioritize your connections and put people into different categories. Identify the people who have similar career interests or are decision makers. If a person doesn't necessarily have decision making power but makes you happy when you are around him or her, then by all means, keep that person a priority.


Another great way to maintain your network is to offer help. If you see a friend or colleague reaching out, offer the helping hand. Small gestures can go a long way as long your motivation is genuine.


Lastly, use social media as a way to stay connected. Show you honestly care about career milestones or birthdays and anniversaries. Just remember to not go overboard with social media postings or your activity will seem less genuine.


Build Your Career Network With Gausman & Moore


Working at Gausman & Moore, you have the opportunity to connect and work with fellow associates who are passionate about engineering design and sustainability. We have a strong community and hope to continually add to our own network with bright, new talent. To learn more about our open positions, visit our Careers page, or reach out via our Contact page.