Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines that exists. While this definitely opens up plenty of doors to new graduates, it can also be a bit intimidating knowing which direction to go. Not only are the several industries that need the services of mechanical engineers, but there are several roles within the industry that a mechanical engineer can take on. Below, let's take a closer look at the possible career paths for a mechanical engineer.


The opportunities for a mechanical engineer are endless. Some of the most common industries that are actively hiring mechanical engineers include:

●        Aerospace science and technology

●        Robotics

●        Energy

●        Healthcare

●        Building or civil engineering firms

●        Manufacturing

And these are just some of the more prominent industries! Aside from the industries that require hands-on engineering, there are also several business sectors that require the skills of a mechanical engineer that may not actually require any engineering work. Mechanical engineers can often find themselves working as a patent attorney, production manager, water engineer, or even a technical sales manager or technical writer. While having an engineering degree certainly sets you up for success engineering in various fields, it can also give you skills that can be utilized in non-traditional engineering roles.

Roles within a Career

Many mechanical engineers find that their role changes as they progress through their career. For most mechanical engineers they begin to see what was once a very specific skill broaden into a more generalized role, which often focuses more on the business aspects of the industry they are employed. At the early stages, for a graduate right out of college, a mechanical engineer may find him or herself doing the hands-on design and testing of a new product. As an engineer progresses, often he or she will be responsible for managing a team of engineers. Their duties will transform from running a very specified CAD program for one particular component to making sure a department's budget is met or deadlines are achieved. More senior roles for mechanical engineers can switch to more customer focused roles or financial forward positions. Often, the most senior engineers will be tasked with optimizing an existing system or product.

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