As summer is winding down, it’s not too soon to start thinking about a summer internship for next year. Many colleges will begin to host job and internship fairs this fall for current students. Taking a summer internship is a great opportunity to get a jump start in your career and really explore what a career in your major may look like. Let's look at just a few advantages summer internships have for students.

Gain Knowledge About Your Field

Working a summer internship in your field is an excellent way to expand your knowledge. Seeing how mechanical or electrical engineers actual apply their skills in the workplace is a perfect way to gain a better understanding of what type of work you can come to expect with your chosen major. This is a great time to learn about the different nuances or specialties your field may have and lend an opportunity to pursue a specialized certificate if you find a particular niche that is of interest.

Gain Work Experience

As any new graduate can attest to, having some work experience in your field is invaluable. As you start applying for jobs after graduation, you will be one of several thousand applicants with a similar degree. So how are you able to differentiate yourself from the crowd? Having a few internships with real work experience on your resume is a great way to show to potential employers that you know what you are doing and are already experienced with the workplace. Summer internships can often lead to full-time positions upon graduation.

Practice what You've Learned

It is one thing to learn material in class and take exams, but it is quite another to use what you've learned in a real-life application. By working a summer internship, you will be able to put your newly learned skills to good use. When you work at a summer internship, you will also see what you have learned on the pages of textbooks transform into real life applications.

We understand the value that summer internships can provide to students. At Gausman & Moore, we love to bring students onboard for summer internships to learn about sustainable design, as well as apply what they learn in the classroom to everyday situations. If you are interested in a summer internship, check out our Internships and Careers page. Here, you can learn more about our engineering specialties and see if Gausman & Moore is the right fit for you.