Gausman & Moore has a proud history of hiring interns and helping them expand their engineering knowledge as they begin their careers. This history has also resulted in numerous college scholarships that were awarded by the North Central Electrical League (NCEL), which is committed to the advancement of the electrical industry throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


The latest intern to receive the $1,500 NCEL scholarship is Sina Kassaw (Electrical Engineering, Roseville Office), a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Sina’s scholarship is the 12th awarded to a G&M intern since 1999. Prior to receiving the scholarship Sina wrote an essay to the NCEL explaining what she’s learned so far at G&M and how it has helped advance her young career.


G&M has been actively involved with NCEL since the 1930s. This involvement has included two G&M employees who served as NCEL chair, including current G&M President Ed Studniski.


Sina has been with G&M since May and has worked on a variety of projects. She has created power circuit and lighting circuit layouts for commercial buildings. Using AutoCad and Revit, Sina has modeled the circuit designs for the power distribution and lighting layouts.


Working with G&M’s upper management team, Sina has learned about code regulations, creating Revit models, how the one-line diagram works, and performing the math behind the Delta-to-Y transformers. She’s also been learning about marketing strategies, managing projects and billing projects.


“Throughout this opportunity I saw what the real engineering world looks like,” said Sina. “This includes the business side of things, the paperwork, approvals process and the finished design. This is one part of my internship that I really appreciated.”


Overall, Sina said she’s been able to apply what she’s learned in school on real projects at G&M. The head of G&M’s electrical engineering department, Dave Blume (Partner, Roseville Office), said the internship is effective because it involves National Electrical Code (NEC) topics such as loads, circuiting, transformers and motors. The internship also includes daily training with Revit.


“The internship program is important because it encourages and enables students to continue pursuing careers in electrical engineering,” said Blume.