At the heart of Gausman & Moore we live and breathe sustainable design. Our team of engineers is dedicated to creating sustainable concepts and utilizing renewable energy as often as possible. While it may seem to be the new, trendy approach to building, we must still look at why sustainable engineering is important. Let's take a closer look as to why green design is both a practical option and necessary for a better future.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The number one contributor to climate change is greenhouse gas. By reducing your carbon footprint, you are able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas you release into the environment. Studies have found that nearly 40 percent of greenhouse gas comes from the energy we use every day. Much of this energy comes from working in an office building or living in an apartment building that relies on traditional, outdated energy sources.

By having a building that is focused on reducing its carbon footprint through sustainable design and technology you will be able to create a better future for the environment. The more sustainable buildings that are designed and constructed, the better our environment will be as a result.

Reduce Costs

Every way you look at it, sustainable design is able to reduce operation costs of a building. Simply utilizing renewable energy sources makes your building less reliant on traditional power sources. Harnessing power from solar, wind, and/or water, a building is able to create its own power at minimal costs. Further, more cost savings can be found by using the natural elements where your building is constructed.

Depending on your climate, having a building that utilizes natural sunlight to better light or heat your building can help reduce energy costs. Likewise, in hot climates, having a building that reduces sun exposure and subsequent heat can help reduce cooling costs. Even something as simple as switching traditional light bulbs to LED light bulbs can help reduce energy and replacement costs.

Add Value

The best thing about renewable energy and sustainable design is that the buildings are able to increase their worth over time. Often, people are discouraged by expensive installation prices for renewable energy sources compared to traditional sources; however, as the building continues to operate, the installations quickly pay for themselves. Having a building constructed around sustainable principles grows in value the longer it is in existence. While a sustainable building can be a large investment up front, the value will continue to build year after year.

To learn more about how sustainable engineering concepts can be implemented into building design, contact us today. Our team can educate you about our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services and how we apply our sustainable designs into our work.