STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math, is a booming industry in the world that is only getting larger year after year. STEM programs and applications are responsible for the technology we have today. Without the study of STEM, we would not have the sustainable energy sources, the medical devices used in hospitals worldwide, or even the fuel-efficient cars developed to help improve fuel emissions. The more STEM is developed and nourished the better our outlook in the world is, and that begins with kids.


Current State


Between 2000 and 2010, the job growth in STEM-related fields was nearly three times greater than that of non-STEM careers. In 2015 alone there were nearly 9 million STEM-related jobs. Of these jobs, STEM employees enjoyed 29 percent higher salaries and 75 percent of the people in STEM fields had a college degree. STEM careers only continue to grow as the years progress, and companies realize active STEM programs are vital to future development and growth.


Outlook for STEM


Despite the incredible numbers and statistics released about STEM, only about 16 percent of high school graduates are proficient in STEM education and have an interest in pursuing a STEM degree in college or a STEM-related career. In fact, in 2018 it is estimated that nearly 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled in the United States alone. So where is the disconnect? Many public school budgets have been the culprit for disappearing STEM programs. Schools are either required to cut the program altogether or allocate budgeting funds to different applications. Scores for students in the United States are consistently lagging behind other countries in science and mathematics.


Value of STEM


Getting children, both boys and girls, interested in the world around them lives and breaths with STEM programs. Science and engineering have the ability to bridge both ethnic and gender gaps. STEM allows children to be creative and explore the world around them while setting kids up for success later in life. Learning STEM-based ideas and thoughts teaches a child to ask questions and grow his or her curiosity. In certain world outlook reports, science-related fields are consistently growing and show no signs of slowing or disappearing.


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