When embarking on the expansion of your business, you may be considering constructing a purpose-built factory, warehouse, or office park that will ideally improve productivity as well as support your bottom line. And increasing the bottom line includes ensuring your building is saving you money in energy costs. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering experts at Gausman and Moore will work with the project's team members to build an energy model of your building in the pre-construction phase.  This will help streamline the building process as well as help to deliver an efficient and cost-effective property. Gausman and Moore will explain just how will this application help you make the right decisions with your budget.


What is Energy Modeling?

The engineers working on the project sit down with the architect and general contractor while the building is still in the design phase. The specifications (building location, functionality, budget, etc.) of the building then get fed into the computer. Using our Trane Trace software, the design team will able to build a computerized, 3D model of the building to determine vital building factors including the positioning of the building, the optimal heating system components, electrical and lighting options, and even the best floor plan that will use the least amount of energy while meeting budget and timeline expectations.


Throughout the entire design and building process, the software allows the team to change any aspect of the building and receive qualitative feedback for a most efficient build.


Looking into the Future before Breaking Ground

During the design phase, the performance of your potential HVAC system is calculated over a 30-year average using accepted weather patterns. Durability, maintenance costs, and alternative energy sources are all built into the model. You will receive a report that shows you how the operational bottom line will be affected by installing solar panels, improving insulation, utilizing natural sunlight, etc. You will then be able to make solid investment decisions for the property based on data, not a sales pitch.


Find the Systems that will Exceed Performance Expectations in Advance

Energy modeling also allows you to explore the latest in cutting-edge technology as applied in the construction industry without gambling with your capital budget. Adding a solar grid to your project won't produce the expected results if it's installed on the shady side of a hill; replacing traditional lighting fixtures with LED units won't save you money if offices aren't correctly illuminated; and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems only lower your energy bills if they are sized properly for the property. With this energy modeling software, we will determine the best solutions for every aspect of your building.


Ensure LEED Compliance

If your project is intended to earn a rating as an eco-friendly building, using energy modeling will ensure that all systems in the building will work together to meet the requirements set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council. Your building will sail through final inspections and certifications.


For more information on how Energy Modeling services from Gausman & Moore can benefit your next major capital improvement project.